Recording your writing in a podcast studio

Recording your writing in a podcast studio

Ós Pressan in cooperation with The Womens Story Circle (Reykjavík Library and W.O.M.E.N in Iceland funded by The Ministry of Welfare) will hold four workshops for using podcast and other audio format as a creative media forum for bringing our stories and ideas to life.

Have you ever visited KOMPAN, the podcast studio in the City Library? Have you ever been using Audacity software?

In the workshop you will learn how to use the podcast studio and the recording equipment and how to edit your audio with Audacity software.

You can just visit us to see how does the studio look like and what is Audacity about AND you can also try recording your writing and chill with us while editing your sound material.

I would recommend to bring:
– a laptop
– headphones
– USB drive
– the text you would like to work with

Download and install Audacity software (it’s free, open source and available to download here: )

The workshop is open for a limited number of participants to register. Registration and if you might have any further questions you are free to enquire here:

The participation is free of charge!


maí 18 2019


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Borgarbókasafnið Reykjavík Iceland 101