Annual report presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Women of Foreign Origins on the 24th of November. 2021

Status Survey for Women of Foreign Origin Living in Iceland

In late October 2020 W.O.M.E.N in Iceland conducted an online survey for women of foreign origin. The survey was offered in five languages; English, Icelandic, Polish, Russian, and French and dispersed via social media and through our organization’s closed mailing list. The short status survey included 13 questions and an option for respondents to make suggestions and or comments directly to the board.

The aim of the status survey was firstly, to gather information related to the current economic situations, well-being, stresses, and concerns, and what types of initiatives or projects women of foreign origin believed could better support them. Through our work with #MeToo we found that the underlying factors for violence and isolation were both systemic and societal. Our role as an organization is to utilize our position to create awareness regarding the issues that women of foreign origin are confronted with, to create projects that directly support and empower women of foreign origin, and finally to connect women of foreign origin to each other and to the services available to them.

The survey was conducted entirely online and was open for three and a half weeks. Board members at W.O.M.E.N in Iceland utilized grassroot connections to share the survey among women of diverse backgrounds across the entirety of Iceland. Facebook and email were the main sources of disseminating the survey.



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