Söguhringur kvenna: The last harvest

Women from the Söguhringur kvenna gathered for the last harvest at the Nordic House. So much joy to see the result of our summer’s work! Thank you Nordic House and NordGen! Winter programme 2023-2024

Peer Support is starting again

We are back: Peer support for women of foreign origin living in Iceland will start again Tuesday 5th of September. Do you have questions about your rights in Iceland as a mother, wife, or woman? No questions are too big or small. We will assist you in the best way we can. Register your appointment…

Our human rights are up for discussion – Christina Milcher, vice-chair W.O.M.E.N.

Christina Milcher, vice-chair W.O.M.E.N., wrote about the current state of Icelandic law on asylum seekers and women victims of sex trafficking who are now on the streets in Iceland: “As Iceland is often described as a feminist paradise one might be excused to think that these kind of (https://www.visir.is/g/20232448665d, https://www.visir.is/g/20232449068d/tholendur-mansals-sviptar-ollum-rettindum-og-visad-a-gotuna) news stories are exceptions. Unfortunately, this…

Consultation meeting of non-governmental organizations for refugees who have been deprived of public services.

Along with 22 other non-profit organisation, W.O.M.E.N. asked the minister for a meeting yesterday. A historically large group of NGOs came together for an emergency meeting. Christina Milcher, vice-chair and Marion Poilvez, treasurer, were there. Christina Milcher, our vice-chair, spoke on behalf of W.O.M.E.N.: “As women of foreign origin living in the gender paradise of…

Along with 22 other organizations, W.O.M.E.N. expresses their deep concern about the serious situation of displaced people who have been expelled from all services. The organizations invite the minister to a meeting.

JOINT DECLARATION OF GRAVE CONCERN ABOUT THE SERIOUS SITUATION OF DISPLACED PEOPLE The non-governmental organizations mentioned below are deeply concerned about the very serious situation that has arisen in the case of displaced people who have been expelled from all services of public bodies after the negative result of their application for protection. As a…

The Women’s Story Circle on a trip!

The Nordic House and Nordgen offered the women who are taking care of the garden and green house at the Nordic House to a day trip to the countryside! Incredible sunny day at Þingvellir and Sólheimar. Our guide Kathleen was fantastic! Thank you Silja from the Nordic House for our cooperation, and thank you ladies…

Kvennaborðið Sumarklúbburinn – aukatími!

Kvennaborðið Sumarklúbbur var svo skemmtilegt! Við töluðum um allskonar og við hlógum mikið! Við kusum um erfiðasta hljóðið á íslensku. Starfskonan borgarbókasafnsins sagði að það væri ótrúlegt og skemmtilegt að heyra okkur tala saman! Takk fyrir stuðninginn!


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