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The World Garden 2023 has started!

Today the Women’s Story Circle gathered at the greenhouse by the Nordic House to select the seeds. The weather was with us!

With support from Nordgen, who provides seeds from Sweden we will embark on our adventure of growing a garden together where vegetables, flowers and herbs will grow. We think of our garden project as a place where the flora of many different stories come together and participants have an opportunity of being together in nature right in the middle of Reykjavik. We express our gratitude to the SONO making our gathering a bit more warm and cosy by providing hot drinks. 

At the same time there was a beautiful event at the Nordic House called “Color up Peace for Ukraine” where art is used to promote peace. A great and fitting moment!

 Mark these days below in your calendar to participate in this year´s World Garden. 

7th of May; we will work on the beds outside and sow. 

20th of May: we will meet lovely ladies from Daisy Ladies from Finnland and make a trip to Bessastaðir.

4th of June: we will plant seedlings outside. 

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