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First Kvennaborðið of the year! What did you think about the Áramótaskaup?

The Áramótaskaup – also known as Skaupið – is a yearly 50 minutes TV show. The show is important over the New Year celebrations for Icelanders who seat in front of the TV at 22:30. The show looks at the past year with humour, specially about politicians, artists, business people and other cultural topics.
Do you watch it? Why? Why not? Do you know the people in it? Let’s talk about news in Iceland and how we relate to them!
The Áramótaskaup with subtitles in Icelandic and English

Kvennaborðið is a safe space for women of foreign origin to practice their Icelandic together

Kvennaborðið is funded by Controlant and Reykjavik City

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