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The Women’s Table: supporting each other with Icelandic

The Women’s Table #3 was held yesterday evening in Gröndalshús. Women of different origin and different level came together and discussed literature in Icelandic. Karítas Hrundar Pálsdóttir gave us a presentation about her books Árstíðir and Dagatal, stories for learners, and answered our questions. We then discussed the topic “Literature to learn Icelandic. What do we need?”

We thank deeply Karítas Hrundar Pálsdóttir. Her work is very important to us. We cannot wait to see what she does next! Here it is possible to get Árstíðir ebook and audio.

We also thank deeply Reykjavík Bókmenntaborg UNESCO for this incredible space.

An amazing evening in a unique place! We need more evenings like this. Let’s keep on supporing each other!

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