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Nýtt í maí : Kvennaborðið – New in May : The Women’s Table

Last year’s survey by W.O.M.E.N. has shown that women of foreign origins want more opportunities to practice Icelandic.
W.O.M.E.N. decided to answer that need and create a safe space where women can debate hot topics together, in Icelandic.

What Kvennaborðið is:
A safe space with the goal to empower women to give their opinion in Icelandic on hot topics. No bias about origins or level of Icelandic. And it’s free!

What Kvennaborðið is NOT:
An Icelandic class. There is no teacher. No exams. Only peers having fun!

Read more about Kvennaborðið

The topic for Kvennaborðið #1

Íslenska: erfiðasta tungumál í heimi?

Satt eða Ósatt?

Give your opinion. Come as you speak, speak as it comes!

Segðu skoðun þína. Komdu eins og þú talar, talaðu eins og það kemur!

Fimmtudagur 05.05.2022, kl.19

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