Women of Multicultural Ethnicity Network – Bylaws

 Art. 1

The Association shall be called Women of Multicultural Ethnicity Network (W.O.M.E.N.). The Association operates in Iceland and has its legal domicile in Reykjavik.

Art. 2

W.O.M.E.N. operates in accordance with the mission statement which is attached to these bylaws.

Art. 3

Membership of W.O.M.E.N. is open to women of foreign descent, residing in Iceland but independent of their nationality. When speaking of ‘foreign descent’ we are speaking of women who have one or both parents of a foreign origin independent of the woman’s birthplace.

Written applications for membership shall be sent to the Board.


Art. 4

Membership fees are subject to the decision of the annual general meeting. Membership fees are due 1 January.

Art. 5

The annual general meeting will elect a board of seven women. The board will decide on the division of tasks and functions among the members of the board at the first board meeting after the elections. During the annual general meeting up to seven alternate members will also be elected with the freedom of expression and rights to put forth suggestions to the board and will always be invited to board meetings. If a board member resigns their position an alternate shall take that position. If it is not possible to fill the position on the board with an alternate, an advertisement shall be put on the homepage of W.O.M.E.N in Iceland for candidates and a vote shall be taken at the next general annual meeting.


The Chairwoman and the board have the authority to publish resolutions in the name of the association as long as the resolution is in accordance with the association’s basic principles.

Art. 6

The annual general meeting shall be convened before 30th of November each year.

The annual general meeting shall agree on the working plan for one year at a time.

Elections for board members shall take place every two years at the annual general meeting.

All registered members have the right to attend the annual general meeting and to vote.

The board is responsible for the association’s finances.

  1. The agenda of the annual general meeting shall be as follows:
  2. The opening of the meeting
  3. Election of chairwoman and secretary for the meeting
  4. A report from the board on operations during the past operational year
  5. The annual accounts of the association presented for ratification
  6. Election of board members
  7. Election of an auditor
  8. Amendments to the bylaws
  9. Suggestions by the board regarding the working plan for the next year
  10.  Other
  11. End of the meeting

To be valid, the invitation to the annual general meeting must be sent by email to the members at least 10 days in advance.

The financial year of the association is set from 20th October to 19th October.

Art. 7

Proposals for amendments of the bylaws will be presented by the Board during the Annual General Meeting. The annual meeting agrees on changes with a 2/3 vote.


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