Cooperation Projects

Partnership with US-LT Alumni Association in Lithuania (past project)

Early in 2013 W.O.M.E.N was contacted by US-LT Alumni Association in Lithuania about a possible partnership between our associations. The US-LT Alumni Association was looking for a partnership which was a requirement to apply for the EEA Norway Grants.

After reading up about their association and their current project‚ Ethnic Kitchen, a documentary film showcasing the life of immigrant women living in Lithuania while raising awareness about the challenges faced by ethnic minorities in the country, we decided that a co-operation between our two associations would be of value to us both.  W.O.M.E.N was at the time involved in a similar project called World Women in Iceland which aimed to make the contribution of immigrant women to Icelandic culture and society more visible.

Ethnic Kitchen was screened in Iceland on March 8, International Women’s Day, during a visit by US-LT Alumni Association to Iceland.

Two representatives from W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland recently visited US-LT Alumni in Lithuania. During their visit they ran two workshops for volunteers and employees of various NGOs working with minorities and immigrants.

Learn more about the US-LT Alumni Association and their current projects here:

Many thanks to Aiste Ptakauske and Gintare Kavaliunaite for their great cooperation!

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