All the Women of the World (past project)

All the Women of the World

All the Women of the World is a group established by women, whose work, in one way or another, is aimed at strengthening the status of immigrant women in Iceland, and to further mutual integration. Members of the group include representatives from the Social Services, Stígamót Education and Counseling Center for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence, The Intercultural Center, The Women’s Shelter, The University Hospital and various labor unions. Our representative is Sabine Leskopf.

Objectives of All the Women of the World include

  • To reach immigrant women and ensure their participation in our society on their own terms, so that they can make use of their talents and capabilities on an equal basis with other members of the community. 
  • To establish a network and to support organizations and establishments that work in the interest of and for the rights of women and children of foreign origin. 
  • To strengthen information and education networks in society and to work at prevention and awareness raising on people’s rights and obligations in a multicultural society. 
  • To combat gender inequality as well as gender based violence and to support the victims. 

Past and current projects of All the Women of the World include

  • “A mentor network – that’s the ticket!”
    A conference held on March 9, 2007 where we discussed e.g. the future of the mentor project, the needs and barriers for foreign women on the labor market, the training and support of mentors, ways to present the project and the needs of the labor market for a mentor system
  • “Globalization and modern day migration” 
    A conference held on January 23, 2008. 
    Aim: To draw attention to the status of women in a globalized world and to further the debate. A special focus on the voices of immigrant women in Iceland to be heard.

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