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Samtök kvenna af erlendum uppruna
Women Of Multicultural Ethnicity Network
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Dear W.O.M.E.N.,

Our mini conference on gender based violence is tomorrow! If you are interested in learning about the different institutions and resources involved in the fight against gender based violence in Iceland, join us!
Our distinguished guests from Finland, the Daisy Ladies, already arrived and are excited to meet us. They will also present their work.

The Daisy Ladies is Finland’s first association for women of immigrant background. They are in Iceland as part of the project called Nordic Ladies, which they host. The aim of Nordic Ladies is to bring immigrant women from all Nordic countries together with the main emphasis being to fight violence against women of foreign origin.

If you are in town, join us at 15:00 at Túngata 14, 101 Reykjavík tomorrow. You can register (for free) here. The conference will be in English. See our programme below:

Fighting Gender Based Violence - Ráðstefna

Fighting Gender Based Violence - Ráðstefna

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