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Dear W.O.M.E.N.,

This week seems to be dedicated to the Arts for us women of foreign origin!

Tomorrow during Kvennaborðið, our peer-learning experiment, we will be debating the ongoing production of Madama Butterfly by the Icelandic Opera and the criticism it received (Check out the event below for more info on the issue). Come and practice your Icelandic on important topics in a safe-space. Give your opinion and listen to others'!

This Sunday, the Söguhringur kvenna will say goodbye to the winter and visit together the Reykjavík Art Museum Hafnarhús, including the wonderful group show called Kviksjá.

Finally, the amazing Hennar Rödd - Her Voice is organising a conference on Women of Foreign Origin in the Arts this Saturday. The programme features many talented women of foreign origin who work in the art industry in Iceland and will discuss the challenges they have faced throughout their journey and examine the changes needed to create a more inclusive environment. The conference will take place in English and Icelandic and will have a written translation in English and Polish.
Check out the full programme https://www.hennarrodd.is/en/projects/radstefna-2023
Get your tickets! (4.000 isk regular price, 1.500 isk accessible price)https://tix.is/.../hennar-rodd-ra-stefna-um-konur-af.../

Let's celebrate Women and the Arts this week!

Kvennaborðið - Madama Butterfly í Íslensku óperuna. Hvað finnst þér?

Óperan Madama Butterfly er eftir Giacomo Puccini. Hún var frumsýnd árið 1904, gerist í Japan í gamla daga og fjallar um samband bandarísks hermanns við 15 ára japanska stúlku. Uppsetning Íslensku óperunnar á verkinu Madama Butterfly er sögð rasísk en óperustjróri segir fyrstu skyldu stofnunarinnar vera við listina. Hvað finnst þér? Ertu búin að sjá sýninguna? Á …

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Kvennaborðið - Madama Butterfly í Íslensku óperuna. Hvað finnst þér?

Söguhringur kvenna - Winter farewell gathering

Íslenska neðar Dear all The Golden Plover is finally here and this winters last gathering of Women´s Story Circle will be next Sunday the 2nd of April. We will celebrate the seasonal change and visit the Reykjavik Art Museum Hafnarhúsið. There is a wonderful group show called Kviksjá on-going and we could see  many great artworks made by international artists …

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Söguhringur kvenna - Winter farewell gathering

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