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W.O.M.E.N. Newsletter

August-September 2022
Well, summer is over!

Wow! That went fast! We trust and hope that everyone caught a few rays of sunshine and made the most of their summer holidays. Even though the Meradalur eruption was short-lived and super-visited, it still caused quite a stir and we hope some of you braved the terrain to go see it. If not, just wait for the next one.

Any association depends on its members for growth and life. Ours is no exception. WOMEN is run on a purely volunteer-based system which is dependent on grants and membership fees. And passionate participation. That means you, our members. Up until now, most of the events and projects have been organized, run and held by board members. For you. As most board members are also working full-time, this arrangement has become unsustainable. We need you. For you.

WOMEN stands for Women Of Multicultural Ethnicity Network. The only way to sustain a network is through constant action and participation. Granted, COVID put a spanner in the works when we were confined to our own spaces, but now we can emerge again. Let´s light the fire and bring women of different ethnicities together. We need women who can organize, translate, communicate. We need women who are brave, strong and true. We need women who like to laugh, sing and dance. That‘s you.

If you feel you have something to offer WOMEN, please send us a post at info@womeniniceland.is. We would love to get you all more involved in your own network.

What is happening?

We will start our new season with an Open House event. This is an opportunity to meet and
connect with other foreign women living in Iceland. A social evening with light refreshments. Come and see what we are about and join in this network. If you are feeling alone, isolated, here is an opportunity to meet a wonderful support network of women. If you love socializing and sharing, this is the time for you. Open House will be held on the 1st September at 19:30 – 21:00 at Túngata 4, 101 Rvk. See event below:

Open house / Opið hús

Open house / Opið hús
Plans for the rest of the year are slowly taking shape. We would like to hold more empowerment courses in different languages and we are working at finalizing logistics for these courses.
Kvennaborðið will still be running once a month. This is a platform and golden opportunity to practice your Icelandic skills. A particular topic is chosen for the evening and the spoken word is Icelandic, in all its glorious forms. The aim of Kvennaborðið is to offer a safe space to speak Icelandic without interruption or correction and by so doing, increase confidence. And when there is confidence, the sky is the limit. Our next Women's Table is in the works and will be held between the 22nd and 27th of September. We will be discussing Icelandic literature for learners and will meet in the beautiful Gröndalshús thanks to a cooperation with Reykjavík Bókmenntaborgin!
Komdu eins og þú talar, talaðu eins og það kemur!
There are no more major projects scheduled for this autumn, so if you have any ideas, please let us know at info@womeniniceland.is

In the meantime...

The Women‘s Story Circle was pretty active this summer with The World Garden. It is lovely to see the results of sowing seeds and nurturing life. As a result of this project and its success in bringing women of different ages and nationalities together, the Nordic House offered us a trip to visit an organic farm and a flower farm. Sonia from the Nordic House introduced us to Nick from the Flight Song Farm at Reykjalundur, Grímsnes. It was truly inspiring to learn about Nick‘s passion for organic farming and most of the women were touched by the purity of it all. The love of farming ignited a wonderful connection between two farmers, Vallý and Hawa. Organic tomatoes and cucumbers were part of our lunch. Delicious. From there, we visited Axel at his flower farm, Espiflöt. A splendid display of colour greeted us as thousands of roses in different states of bloom were admired while Axel told his farming story. There were many other flowers, all as colourful and fragrant as each other. A beautiful experience and a lovely day for all. Check our website post below for more pictures:
women having a conversation

Peer support is back

Peer Support will start again in September. The first day is 5th September. We will continue to offer this service online on Tuesday evenings from 8 -10 pm. Our role is to inform and support, so if you have a problem, we will do our best to help you. There are four appointment slots each evening and you can make a booking by sending an email to support@womeniniceland.is

Not on Facebook? Follow our events on our website!

Please remember, we have a corner in the newsletter where you can advertise your business or bring to attention any events you are involved in. Please send an email to info@womeniniceland.is if you would like to use this space.

We also have our Love of Language column which is a space for women to write in their own language. If you would like to use this space, please also let us know at info@womeniniceland.is

Thank you for reading. See you on Thursday the first!!

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