Atvinna og félagsleg mál Menntun Samstarf Viðburðir

Recruitment workshop – Bring your own CV

Last Tuesday W.O.M.E.N. organised in cooperation with LS retail a 2 hours CV workshop at the city library Grófin.

Many women of foreign origin have to rethink their careers when moving to Iceland: they can’t find a job in their former line of work or study, and Icelandic language is often a barrier. The way to approach job search can also be different from their country of origin (what to show on a resume, what to say in an interview…) which makes it challenging.

Two recruiter experts from LS retail first made a detailed presentation on how to build a CV, write a cover letter and gave tips for interview to a group of 12 women of foreign origin. We then slip in two groups, Icelandic speaking and English speaking. The specialists gave personalized advices to each participant on how to optimize their resume to match their goals on the local or international job market.

An empowering moment! Our many thanks to Logan and Bergþóra for their time and very much needed expertise!

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