Self-defense workshop

Do you want to participate in a self-defense workshop that is accessible, based on realities of violence against women and queer people and aims to leave you with a feeling of empowerment and safety?

Slagtog is a feminist organisation that offers classes in self-defense for women and queer people. The organisation is led by five trainers, all of whom are women or non-binary and have diverse backgrounds and histories.

Zahra and Mariam, two of the trainers, will be leading an introductory workshop in collaboration with W.O.M.E.N – Samtök kvenna af erlendum á íslandi – on Saturday the 13th of November. The workshop provides a first contact with feminist self-defense by teaching some basics of emotional, verbal and physical self-defense techniques that can be used as tools to combat different kinds of violence we have, are or might experience in our lives. The workshop also offers a space for participants’ discussions and  reflection since you are the expert on your own wellbeing!

Trainers and participants will take care of building a safer space for everybody to learn collectively. The main language of the workshop will be English; nevertheless Spanish, Icelandic, German and Persian translations can be provided, if you are in need of other language translations you can also ask us about it.

If interested please register by sending us an email  to  🙂

We will then give you more details about the workshop and cancelling/waiting list options.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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