Tightening of Regulations Due to Upsurge in COVID cases

We hope many of you are aware there has been an uptick in COVID cases. Yesterday 61 new cases diagnosed 39 of those diagnosed were not in quarantine.

The Prime Minister of Iceland announced today that there will be a tightening of regulations for COVID restrictions As of this moment we have not seen the information updated in foreign languages but as soon as it is put forth we will share.

Again bars and clubs will be closed, no more than 20 people can come together. Guests at pools will be restricted to fewer numbers. Health officials will send out detailed instructions in the coming hours and days.

As always we recommend people regard the 2-meter rule, sanitize, and wash your hands regularly. If you cannot regard the 2-meter rule you always have the option (recommended) of wearing a mask.

If you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed or you feel you are exhibiting symptoms related to COVID infection you can call the Læknavakt at 1700 and during the week the local health clinic you are registered with. 

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