Statement about the removal of the pregnant asylum seeker from Iceland.

W.O.M.E.N. Women of Multicultural Ethnicity Network in Iceland condemn the actions of the following two government agencies; The Directorate of Immigration and the police, in the expulsion case of a pregnant Albanian woman and her family; husband and two-year old son, early this morning.

In Iceland where equality and human rights are held to the highest regard, it is utterly unacceptable to read news of a woman in need and her family being treated in such an inhumane manner by Icelandic authorities. The Directorate of Immigration has all too often demonstrated inhumane actions in the processing of asylum requests and residence permits. Icelandic authorities are bound to abide by the terms of The Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We, therefore, challenge the newly appointed Minister of Justice to review the practices employed at the Directorate of Immigration in cases like this, in order to at least reflect the words of the current government’s policy agreement. Which states, “Humanitarian considerations and international obligations will be the basis for these actions and importance will be attached to the quality and efficient handling of applications for international protection. In addition, continuity and cohesion in services will be ensured, and assistance will be provided to those who receive such protection.”

Additionally we also agree to the perspective that this action without question is in direct discord with The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Which states clearly in Article 3., “States Parties undertake to ensure the child such protection and care as is necessary for his or her well-being, taking into account the rights and duties of his or her parents, legal guardians, or other individuals legally responsible for him or her, and, to this end, shall take all appropriate legislative and administrative measures.”


From the Board of W.O.M.E.N. Women of Multicultural Ethnicity Network in Iceland

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