Free guided tour through downtown Reykjavík for women


I love Reykjavik – A free culturally oriented guided tour through downtown Reykjavik for women

Borgarbókasafnið | Menningarhús Grófinni, Tryggvagata 15
Sunday November 4th from 13:30-15:30

Would you like to see Reykjavik in a new light? 

Stage artist Aude Busson and The Women’s Story Circle invite women of all ages to join us for a lively and specialized Women’s walk through town. We will walk in the steps of women through the city center. Sneaking through back doors, singing for ourselves while letting stories, voices and the wishes of the women of Reykjavík echo throughout the city.

All women, of all origins, are welcome to join.

It is necessary that you sign up advance by sending an email to us at

We can only allow 30 participants, so first come first serve. Best to sign up right away and reserve your spot! Last chance to sign up will be Thursday, November 1st.

Aude will take us to and through intriguing places and you can expect unexpected events to occur and our way! History tells us that the influence women have had is diverse and we will reflect a bit about how we too can do the same.

Aude Busson graduated from stage design faculty at Listaháskóla Íslands 2011. Since then she has worked with directing in collaboration with others, teaching and event management. She acted in and was the artistic director for the staged guided tour “I love Reykjavik for Families” in 2014, which was nominated for the coveted Gríma award. She has also led many acting workshops for enthusiasts including for us at Söguhring Kvenna.

The tour will take approximately an hour and we will finish up with coffee and comradery at the end. Women are encouraged to wear comfortable and warm attire (clothes which suit the never too predictable Icelandic weather!)

Participation is free of charge. The event on Facebook.

About The women’s Story Circle:

The Women’s Story Circle is a platform for women to come together, get to know each other and make new connections. Art and creativity are used as a method to communicate and express ourselves in our circle. We also provide information and educational samples regarding culture and the society within which we live. Our circle has been active for 10 years and all women are welcome to participate.

This fall we have scheduled a diverse program. We will invite you to take part in the women’s circle, acting, creative writing, and musical workshops. The Story Circle is a collaborative project between Borgarbókasafn Reykjavik and W.O.M.E.N. of foreign origin living in Iceland. The Icelandic Ministry of Welfare has supported our 2018 Fall programs through a grant.

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