Kimchi workshop

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W.O.M.E.N In Iceland proudly announces a new twist to our World Food Café event.  In September we will be hosting a Kimchi workshop.

What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a national Korean dish consisting of fermented chili peppers and vegetables, usually based on cabbage.

It is considered a healthy side dish and can be incorporated in other dishes such as rice, noodles, and pancakes to name a few.

Ah Leum Kwon (Arim) and Kyoung Eun Choi, who are both from South Korea have offered to share their recipe for making Kimchi and to teach us how to make this popular dish.

We have 20 seats available for the workshop. This is a women only event and all women are welcome.

Cost: 1200kr per person
When:  Thursday, September 7th
Where: Tungata 14 , 101 Reykjavik (door to the left leading to the basement)
Time: 19:30 – 22:00
You will be taking your own Kimchi home!

You are welcome to bring something to drink or snack, as we will not be serving dinner as we do at most of our World Food Cafe events. We will provide coffee, tea and water.

The last day to register will be Tuesday the 5th of September.
You will receive instructions on what to bring when you register for the the workshop.
Register at

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