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W.O.M.E.N. in Iceland together with The Soroptimist chapter Bakkar and Sel (Soroptimistaklúbbur Bakka og Selja)* are organising informal chat sessions in Icelandic. The idea came from the  Bakkar and Sel chapter to meet women of foreign origin in small groups for a chat in Icelandic. It is not a formal Icelandic course, but rather an informal chat. This is a voluntary project and therefore free for all participating women.

*Information about The Soroptimist movement

Soroptimist International is a world-wide volunteer organization for business and professional women. The Soroptimist chapter Bakkar & Sel (Soroptimistaklúbbur Bakka og Selja)) is one of 18 chapters in Iceland. One of the main objectives of The Soroptimist movement is to improve the lives of women in local communities.